UPDATE – POSTPONED! We’re Opening Early All Next Week to Offer $1 Pourovers of Ardmore’s Own Between Friends Roasting Coffee

April 10, 2014


UPDATE (4/13/14 9:34 p.m.): Due to an equipment-related issue, there’s a slight coffee bean shortage so we’re postponing our week of $1 pourovers and donuts to the week of 4/28. 

One of the best compliments we’ve received since opening The Tasting Room last November was when a customer took the time to call us and rave about our food, saying “it tastes like it was made with love.”

While some might consider that cliche, it almost perfectly captured how we go about making our food every day in the JPM Catering kitchen.

It wasn’t until the depths of this winter gripped us that I tasted a coffee about which I could say the same, and the best part is it was roasted locally right here in Ardmore by some really great people.

Between Friends Roasting is a startup coffee roaster from the Ardmore husband-and-wife team of Hus Noorani and Carly Baker Noorani, and sipping one of their coffees is heavenly. The flavor is crisp and deep and the texture strikes a chord every time, most likely because the couple has traveled the globe searching for the best ingredients and practices, all while doing good work in needy communities.

Between Friends invests in organic, fair trade and wild harvest product and meticulously roasts single origins and blends like their Kahawa Organic, Peruvian Organic, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Columbian Sierra Nevada Red Ecolsierra, Honduras COMSA Marcala, and more. The company shares our love for the environment, using compostable packaging, among other sustainable initiatives.

We’ll be hosting Between Friends Roasting all next week, opening early to offer $1 pourovers from 8a-12 noon. We’ll also be providing free housemade donuts with each pourover.

That’s a lot of great taste, and a lot of love, all in one place. Don’t miss it.


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